Fresh Green Chile


$45.95 – Full Bushel – 22.5 Lbs
$30.95 – Half Bushel – 11.25 Lbs

Graves Farm’s Fresh Green Chile is handpicked!
Fresh Green Chile Season is from the middle of August to First Frost, usually about the 1st of November. Garden variety Chile can have a wide range of heat depending on the weather throughout the growing season.

“Sonora” Thick-meated, rich green chile flavor with very little heat. Good for Rellenos.

Want to spice up your life! One could be hotter than the next. Thick-meated, great flavor with a medium heat. Perfect for Rellenos

Regular Hot
“Sandia” Looking for that spice you have been missing? The consistency of spice in this hot Chile is great for any dish! It’s hot!

X Hot
“Barker” Get ready to get your socks knocked off! Can you handle it? This chile has an extreme bite!!!

Please disregard the weight at the bottom of the page. This is for shipping only. It is not the amount of the product itself. Thank you

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